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Years of experience

You will only obtain a good end result by starting out with a well structured plan. Our many years of experience in building new yachts have taught us what the customer’s needs are.



A new construction project requires close cooperation between the customer, the shipyard and other parties. The professionals at Bonsink Yacht Painters know better than anybody else that communication is essential for ensuring a project's continuity and stability. Our staff are continuously assessing the project. Experience has taught us that this works very well and allows for timely adjustments, if needed.


Our services include the treatment of aluminum, steel, polyester, composite and wood. For new construction projects we also provide conservation, spray painting, filling, delicate paintwork and carpentry services.

To give you an overview of our various services, we have organized them according to the type of service.

Jetting activities »
Large maintenance / refit »
Wood specialisation »
Filling work »
Interior »
On location 'all over the world' »
Polyester repairs »
Wood imitation »


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