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Maintenance & refit

Bonsink Yacht Painters is also the place for all your yacht maintenance needs or even a complete refit. Thanks to our many years of experience we possess all the knowledge and expertise to carry out small jobs or do a complete refit.

Understanding the project

Our experts will thoroughly review and assess your boat to make sure nothing is overlooked. This is one of the aspects that makes a refit more challenging than new construction; we have to be very well prepared.



What should be replaced and what can be maintained? Good communication with the owner plays an important role here. Our team is fully aware of this and will involve you as much as possible and prioritize your needs. Ideas and changes have to be carried out quickly and effectively, without losing track of the budget.

One-stop shopping

A major advantage of Serious Yachts is that everything is done in one place. Whether it's painting, carpentry, RVS services, installation or the latest navigation technology, Serious Yachts has the experts for all your yachting needs.


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