Bonsink Yacht Painters - International yachtpainting


Bonsink Yacht Painters has been known for years as one of the best yacht painting companies. With numerous (inter)national references, the yacht painting company of Derk Bonsink boasts extensive experience. Our regular team of highly skilled professionals will tackle any job. Whether it’s a 5 meter or 150 meter yacht.


More than painting

Bonsink Yacht Painters is located in Zwartsluis and Makkum (The Netherlands). Painters, carpenters, hull builders and metal workers are all part of the team at Bonsink Yacht Painters.

Superior quality

All work is done by our own staff so we personally vouch for the highest quality. We only use the very best materials and prioritize the quality of our workmanship. Our committed staff give even the “simplest” tasks their undivided attention. Of course we always consult the customer to ensure that the end product will best suit your needs.

One-stop shopping

Our in-house knowledge and expertise allow us tackle any job. Whether you require interior or exterior woodwork, painting, RVS work, or even a complete refit, it can all be taken care of by Bonsink Yacht Painters.


“Meer dan schilderwerk”

Bonsink Yacht Painters Vollenhove Bonsink Yacht Painters Makkum
De Hagen 21 Strânwei 13
8325 DB VOLLENHOVE (The Netherlands) 8754 HA MAKKUM (The Netherlands)
T: +31 (0) 38 3866836
F: +31 (0) 38 3868221